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Dr. Marisa López-Teijón

Known Donors

Egg and sperm donors: known or anonymous? If you would need a sperm or an egg donor, how would you like the selection process to be? I will let you know what other people answers when asked this question during the consultation: I have already chosen her: I want it to be my sister...

Musical ultrasound

The Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas uses Babypod daily during her pregnancy and she came to Institut Marques to perform a musical ultrasound. I will never forget the singer’s face of happiness. She herself recognized that in no other session had she seen those movements of tongue and mouth that the baby performed while hearing...

The impact of Babypod

Even though it may seem that I’m trying to promote the company that commercialized the device, I can’t help sharing with you the impact that the video of Soraya’s concert has had around the world. The word Babypod has been mentioned all over the world, but what touches me the most are the comments...


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