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Concert for embryos

Antonio Orozco gave a private live concert to the very fortunate 380 embryos that were in process of development, at the time, at our in vitro fertilization laboratory. I would like to share this video with all of you because the experience has been exciting! His first song was called “I’m made of tiny...

Frozen Embryos: How do They Live?

As we have learned from our patients’ comments, they know very little about how frozen embryos live. Some imagine walls full of shelves with little mini-bunks, others imagine rooms like huge fridges, others little capsules placed in beehive-like structures… truth is, they’re microscopic so they virtually take up no space. In one of the...


Four months have gone since our patients can watch their embryos from home whenever they want to. When we set the idea in motion, we didn’t know how they’d react… and today all the gynecologists in our sterility team have come together to comment on it… The most repeated word in the meeting was...


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