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Known Donors

Egg and sperm donors: known or anonymous? If you would need a sperm or an egg donor, how would you like the selection process to be? I will let you know what other people answers when asked this question during the consultation: I have already chosen her: I want it to be my sister...

“Embryo’s Big Brother”

The National Sterility Congress is taking place this week, and one of Institut Marquès’ contributions consists of our learnings on the embryos thanks to the Embryoscope. When our center’s biologists come into the In Vitro Fertilization lab every morning they are fascinated by every embryo’s video. These images are so shocking that we have...

Toxics In Maternal Milk

Today has been very special for me professional-wise! I carried out a press conference in order to present the results of a study that was published in Revista Internacional de Andrología. We analyzed and compared the concentration of 38 toxic substances in the maternal milk of both catalan and galician women in order to...


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