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When does life start?

This year, during my Christmas speech I spoke about when do we believe that human life begins. Always with the music as a backdrop, this year we have celebrated a party based around ABBA’s music. As I said, in this party I took the opportunity to reflect on “When does life begin?”:   When does life start? When exactly does a human...

Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogate motherhood is a very important and controversial subject which can be contemplated from very different angles. When there is some news about reproduction, the media usually call me to discuss about them. Sometimes I read material that I have written ten years ago and I am surprised at how my opinion has changed....

Postmortem Assisted Reproduction

I’d like to share some thoughts on postmortem assisted reproduction from an article I recently wrote for Interfunerarias. It’s about the “genetic legacy” some people leave at death: sperm or embryos that remain frozen can be used by the widow or widower depending on their personal circumstances and the law they are submitted to. It’s...


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