Claiming women’s freedom to decide

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a meeting organized by the well-known magazine Marie Claire on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary in Spain. They gathered 30 exceptional women in different fields. In my case, I was present as a representative of medical science.

claqueta-Marie_claireTogether with them, I was able to reflect on how the quality and life expectancy have increased and that we can’t go back with the cultural, economic and emotional independence of women. The idea of having children at 20 is already outdated as it is unreal and paternalistic. Being a mother is a right, not a duty.

Fortunately, nowadays medicine allows us to help these women achieve their goal of becoming mothers. And this is also due to the significative progress of the Assisted Reproduction treatments or to the improvement of the vitrification oocytes processes.

In the past few years, the ART techniques have improved a lot and women can choose regardless of age and regardless of whether they have a partner (male or female). And I’m very happy to see this great advance!

And besides, the party was very fun.

Marie Claire 3

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