Normozoospermia: Every Man’s Wish

Normozoospermia means normal sperm. When semen shows normal characteristics in a seminogram, it’s diagnosed normozoospermic.

The volume of the sample must be over 2 ml, it must contain over 20 million sperm/ml, 25% of which must have good motility and at least 4% must look normal.

As specialists in infertility, we’ve been warning about the gradual worsening of sperm quality for years. Thus, the day in which a patient analizes his semen for the first time has become a very important day. They’re usually nervous and want to do everything that’s in their hands for it to be a success.

They receive the following instructions: semen must be obtained through masturbation. The sample must be handed in within a sterile container that can be purchased at a chemist’s (same container as the ones used for urine samples), trying to collect the whole ejaculated matter. It must be left at the clinic within an hour after collection. Sexual abstinence is advised during the previous 3-5 days.

The adventure begins. 

How the sample is obtained… It may seem obvious but let me clarify it a bit more, just in case as we don’t want any surprises further on… For instance, it’s not uncommon we see samples that look like a crime scene under the microscope: a sperm massacre by spermicide because the patient has used a preservative.

How to seal the container… Many want to ensure the sperm won’t escape so they thoroughly wrap it up in cellophane and some even secure the lid with sticking plaster. The treasure’s packaging is important and here patients let their creativity take in. Some bring them covered in the most beautiful aluminum wraps or in colorful bags from places where they buy their food, clothes, etc. Whenever we’ve conducted studies on young population some have even brought their samples in jars of jam and very narrow test tubes (how did they ever aim it in there!?)

How to carry the container… If the sample is brought to us by car, the typical question that rises is whether they should have heat or air conditioning on. It certainly doesn’t affect the sample. Once, a patient who brought it by motorcycle had it in his pocket and it fell – his sperm happened to land all over the front glass of the car behind him.

How to bring it on time… Patients ejaculate and sprint to us it before an hour goes by. When they finally reach the clinic, they’re surprised we don’t pick it up and run to the lab as if it were a relay race. They’re always grateful we don’t look into it as they feel they’ve performed poorly and the sample’s too small. It’s true, 2-5 ml take up very little space! It’s a very common question: should I be filling it more? The answer lies in sperm’s quality, not quantity. The liquid is produced in seminal vesicles and in the prostate and its merely a vehicle for spermatozoids. We do know good sexual stimulation will give place to a better sample.

How to prevent samples getting mixed… This worries both patients and us. We always ensure the tag on the container reads the patient’s name in front of him and check whether his face matches the photo of him we keep in his medical history. Whenever the wife brings the sample, she must also bring a signed consent form from the male. Additionally, the lab also undergoes strict controls which include a biologist acting as a “controller”, checking all the identifications. The rest of the team can only continue to work when they’ve received his approval.

How will I be sexually aroused in a hospital… Worried because his wife is in an operating room meanwhile, the man believes she’s gone through a whole medical process whilst he “only” must give a sperm sample and he fears to fail. Rooms are equipped with erotic visual supplies and despite their fears they’re usually successful, and they’re also fast! Us women who work in this area are surprised that the average time is 5 minutes! Nevertheless, some get stuck and can’t perform. There’s a procedure for these cases: first, we must know whether it’s erection or ejaculation he can’t achieve. Then, treatment is applied before a second attempt: if he doesn’t achieve erection we give him Viagra-like pills, while if they can’t ejaculate we try to relax them by letting them take a walk in a nearby park or with Valium-like pills. If they stil can’t achieve ejaculation, the procedure includes Plan B, which is the aspiration of sperm from the testicle (a very simple intervention).

Finally, I’d like to comment on some issues related to the sexual abstinence on the previous days. The standard for a seminogram are 3 to 5 days, though the number is simply an attempt to reflect reality as it’s the average frequency with which couple have sex. Nevertheless, when the sample is handed in for treatment, we give less importance to previous abstinence because the male who hasn’t ejaculated for days ejaculates a greater volume but old and dead sperm are gathered in it, and thus, DNA fragmentation is worse. Additionally, ICSI requires very few spermatozoids.

Hence, you can imagine their great relief when the adventure reaches its end and the report reads “normozoospermia”!


  1. Prashanth Reply

    I am from India, and the whole article was true for me, from start, how to ejaculate till i read the report.

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Prashanth,
      Thank you for sharing with us your experience.
      Kind regards

  2. Krishna Reply

    Dear Dr.Marisa,

    Thank you very much for this mind relieving article.

    I recently obtained the test report out of curiosity. I am trying for the child. Report says:
    90million count, 7.7pH, normal viscosity, 85%/65% motility for 1hr/2hr, Oval – 90%.
    However, WBC is 3-4 HPF & Epithelial is 1-2 HPF, with Agglutination shown as “++”.
    I searched in the web for the explanation, and now worried for the ++ indication.
    Kindly provide your opinion as to whether this is normal to get my partner impregnated.
    I shall be very much grateful to you for your kind advice.

    Best Regards..

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Krishna,
      Agglutination “++” is a quantitative valuation used in the reference laboratory. Agglutination specifically refers to motile spermatozoa sticking to each other, head-to-head, tail-to-tail or in a mixed way. The motility is often vigorous with a frantic shaking motion, but sometimes the spermatozoa are so agglutinated that their motion is limited.
      Agglutination “++” isn’t correct form. The correct evaluation of the agglutination it is in grades 1-4 (WHO laboratory manual for the Examination and processing of human semen, Fifth edition). Sperm agglutination can indicate the presence of sperm antibodies or a bacterial infection.
      Kind Regards,

  3. Annette Reply

    Hello, My Husband and i are currently looking for a Kid and previous we visited the Doctors Office, but apparently the results weren’t very good at all, He was found with no Sperm Count in his semen. Meanwhile we are very confused as to what to do next, please advice of what should be the possible solution…
    Eagerly waiting on your reply

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Annette,
      Thank you for joining our Blog.
      Your husband has a azoospermia, which is the name for the absence of sperm in the ejaculate. Azoospermia may be obstructive (OA) or nonobstructive (NOA). In the first case sperm production in the testes is more or less normal but can not leave them due to the obstruction of the seminal tracts at some point. In nonobstructive case there is a production problem, in most cases it is the lack of sperm-producing cells, the origin of this deficit is often unknown. In 50-60% of the NOA, there are isolated sources of sperm production in testes. In both cases OA and NOA sperm can be retrieved surgically from testes to use for an IVF-ICSI. In 100% of OA cases, in 50-60% of NOA cases. Besides, the NOA have a worse prognosis, since they are associated with chromosomal or genetic problems that may have an impact on the result of the reproduction technique or on offspring.
      Kind Regards,

  4. Mahfuzul haque mridha Reply

    My report
    70% actively motley
    10% weakly motley
    Rest non motley.
    80% normal morphology.
    Total count sperm. …60 million/ml.
    Pus cell…………..2-3/HPF
    Epithelial cell…4-6/HPF

    Am I fertile ?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sir:

      Since the concept of fertility is clinical (in the realm of the couple) and non-analytical (single), and it is mainly proven by having children and not by having normal sperm analysis, your question Am I fertile? can’t be answered restrictively.
      Your spermogram shows normozoospermia, i.e. all values are above the so-called reference lower limit established by the WHO.
      If we stick to the fact that this “reference lower limit” has been established from the values of sperm samples from fertile men, 95% of men who had equal or higher values than this limit achieved a pregnancy within a maximum of 12 months. Your sperm analysis would fulfill these criteria.


  5. ratul Reply

    My report
    40% actively motley
    30% reduced motley
    Rest non motley.
    50% normal morphology.
    Total count sperm. …90 million/ml.
    Pus cell…………..3-4/HPF
    Epithelial cell…nill

    Am I fertile ?Am I capable to give my wife pregnancy.

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Ratul.

      Thank you for joining us.

      Semen analysis is within normal parameters, so it should be considered potentially fertile.

      Kind regards,

  6. vinod Reply

    Dear Sir,

    My semen report is

    Abstinence days – 3 days
    Appearance – Normal
    PH – 7.6
    Viscosity -0
    Sperm Conscentration : 15mill/1ML
    Progressive – 10%
    Non Progressive – 45%
    Non Motile – 45%
    Total Motillity -55%
    Normal – 7%
    abnormal head -56%
    abnormal midpice -9%
    abnormal tail -28%

    Remarks – Normozoospermia

    Kindly conform any problem or not & My age is 28 , Gender is Men

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Vinod,
      Thank you for joining us.
      As I can read, the result is a Normozoospermia so the semen report is ok.
      Kind Regards,

  7. Rasid Reply

    Is my test result normal?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Rasid,
      Thank you for joining us.
      The parameters are normal, but them not make any reference about sperm mobility.
      Kind Regards,

  8. Hariish Reply

    volume – 2ml
    PH – 7.7 alkaline
    Viscosity -normal
    whole of collection – whole
    agglutination – “++”
    count (million/ml) – 85 million

    oval – 90%
    large – 05%
    amorphous – 05%

    WBC – 3-4/HpF
    epithelial – 1-2/HPF

    Hours Post Ejaculation – 1 hr 2 hr
    Active present – 90% 70%
    Grade III II

    Remarks – Normozoospermia

    Kindly conform any problem or not & My age is 30 , Gender is Men

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Hariish,
      Your diagnostic is Normozoospermia, which means that your results are ok.
      Kind Regards,

  9. Sunil Reply

    Dear, sir my semen report . Volume_1.5 ml
    Colour – grey-opalescent
    Viscosity – norml
    Sperm count – 60 millions /ml
    Total sperm number 90 million
    Sperm motility total 50%
    Prrogressiv 40%
    Non progressive 10%
    Non motile 50%
    Sperm viability 63%
    Sperm morphology normal 5%
    Head defects 41%
    Neck & midpiece defects 19%
    Tail defect 35%
    Agglutination +
    Pus cells 3 million /ml
    Debris +

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Mr. Sunil

      Number, mobility and normal morphology.
      Presence of pus cells > 1 million / ml. It is suspected seminal infection. Indicated make semen culture.

      Yours faithfully

  10. Noel Reply

    Sir this is the report
    Color yellowish
    Viscousity: highly viscous
    Day of abstinence:4
    Time from ejaculation to analysis:30 mins
    Liquefaction:20 mins
    Volume:4 ml
    Sperm concentration: 91 million/ ml
    Total sperm count: 364 million
    – rapid progression:34%
    -non progressive:24%
    Total motile count: 211,120,000
    WBC; 3×10^6 / ml
    Normal forms: 5%
    Please confirm status. Thanks

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Noel,
      You have a high level of white blood cells in semen. Please see an andrologist/urologist regarding this .
      Kind regards,

  11. Sunil Reply

    Tell me about’ Pus cells ‘

  12. miron Reply

    Sperm concentration 80 million
    Active motile 65 %
    Sluggishly motile 20%
    Immotile 15%
    Normal morphology 80%
    RBC nil
    Pus cells 2-3
    Fat globules nil
    Overall comments : normozoospermia

    But in testosterone test:
    Result 5.12 nmol/L where reference value for 20 to 50 age should be 10.40 – 35.71 as per test report.
    Am I okay to make my partner pregnant?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Mr:
      The semen analysis is normal so you should not have problems to get a natural pregnancy.
      Testosterone levels vary throughout the day, this kind of test should be done first thing in the morning. You should repeat in 2 months the test of testosterone. This is the total testosterone but the biologically active is free testosterone. The total one could be decreased and the free one could be normal. Although it was not the situation, under any circumstances you don’t need to do a testosterone replacement therapy because it would because it may cause a decrease in the production of sperms.
      Best Regards

  13. sammas Reply

    Volume : 2.0 ml
    Greyish white
    30 minutes
    pH 8.0
    Sperm count 50 millions/ml
    Progressive motility 75%
    Non Progressive motility 10%
    Non motile 75%
    Normal forms 20%
    AbNormal forms 20%

    Am I okay to make my partner pregnant?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sammas,
      Thank you for joining us.
      Normal semen with normozoospermia should be considered potentially fertile in consequence the probabilities of pregnancy are normal.
      Kind Regards,

  14. HSM Reply

    Dear doctor Manisa
    My semen analysis shows 4%normal form, is it enough for getting prenancy?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear HSM,

      Thank you for joining us.

      This result is considered by WHO as a normal form.

      Kind Regards,

  15. david smith Reply

    Dr Marisa,
    report readings:
    conc/ml = 106 mio /ml
    %motility =65%
    %progression= 33%
    kinetics= 1+2
    normal forms (strict kruger criteria) = 5%
    total sperm count= 424 mio
    total motile= 276 mio
    conclusion: Normozospermia
    gelatinous material 1+

    can you plz clarify what is the meaning of gelatinous material +1, and does this mean infertility?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear David,

      Sometimes in a sperm simple gelatinous material appears. It’s a coagulated seminal plasma and it’s not related to infertility.


  16. sammas Reply

    Volume : 2.0 ml
    Greyish white
    30 minutes
    pH 8.0
    Sperm count 50 millions/ml
    Progressive motility 75%
    Non Progressive motility 10%
    Non motile 75%
    Normal forms 20%
    AbNormal forms 80%

    Am I okay to make my partner pregnant?

  17. ogro Reply

    my semen result is…

    liquefaction-completely liquiefied
    sperm count-90 ml/ml

    sperm motility…

    active motile- 20 %

    feebly motile- 20%

    non motile- 60% (motility within one hour of ejaculation)

    sperm abnormality- 15%

    other cells:

    leukocytes- 1-2 /hpf

    epithelial cells- 1-2 /hpf

    sperm clumping- present

    fructose- present

    RBC- NIL


    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Ogro,
      The active motility of 20% is lower than normal (32%), however, this deficit would be offset by the number of 90 million sperm / ml (normal 15 M / ml).
      I would recommend you repeat the seminogram.

      Kind regards,

  18. Sabuj Reply

    My Semen Analysis Report Is

    Volume : 1.5 cc
    colour : Whitish
    Viscosity : Viscous
    Reaction : Alkaline

    Count : 110 million/ml
    Morphology : 70 % are of normal morphology
    Active Motile : 60 %
    Reduced Motility : 20 %
    Non Motile : 20 %
    Pus Cell : 8-10/ HPF
    Epithelial Cell : Nill
    Clumping of sperm : Absent

    Pathological Doctors comment in report that…… Normozospermia with significant number of pus cell

    Am I fertile? If not then suggest me how could be fertile?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sabuj,
      All semen results are normal and therefore it should be considered potentially fertile.
      The presence of “Pus Cell” may be indicative of a seminal infection so it is advisable to perform a semen culture to rule out infection.

      Kind regards,

  19. Faisal Reply

    Volume : 1.5 cc
    colour : Whitish
    Viscosity : Viscous
    Reaction : Alkaline

    Count : 30 million/ml
    Sperms abnormality: 30 % upto 30% abnormal
    Active Motile : 10 %
    Feebly Motile : 5 %
    Non Motile : 85 %
    (Motility within 1hr of enjection)
    other cells
    1. Leukocytes :1-2/ HPF
    2. Epithelial cells : 1-2/ HPF
    3. RBC : Nill
    sperm clumping : Absent

    fructose :present
    Comments : Normozoospermia with low motility

    Am I fertile? If not then suggest me how could be fertile?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Faisal,

      The number of sperm is normal but the percentage of sperm with progressive mobility is less than normal, so the probabilities of natural pregnancy are significantly diminished.
      Consult with a specialist.

      Kind Regards,

  20. N Reply

    Dear Sir,

    My semen report is

    Abstinence days – 3 days
    Quantity -1ML
    Color -WHITISH
    Reaction- ALKALINE
    Liquification -30min

    Microscopic Exmination (SEMEN)
    SPERm concentration -90millions/ml

    Active Motile-20%
    Sluggishly motile -40%

    Normal Forms -60%
    Abnormal Forms -40%
    pus cells -6-8/HPF
    Epithelial cells-1-2/HPF
    RBC -3-4/HPF
    others – NIL

    impression NORMOZOOSPERMIA

  21. Sumon Dey Reply

    Dear Doctor,

    I,am From Bangladesh.

    My Semen Report

    Physical Examination

    Color: Grayish white
    Liquefaction: Completely With in 30 min

    Microscopic Examination

    1. Sperm Count: 23 million/ml
    2. Sperm motility
    Actively Motile 25%
    Feebly Motile 25%
    Non Motile: 50%
    3. Morphology : 70% Normality
    4. Others
    Pus Cells : 0-2/HPF
    Epithelial Cell : 1-3/HPF
    RBC : Nill
    Agglutination: Absent

    Opinion: Normozoospermia

    Is it All Normal ? Married , Trying for baby.( Partner have some Problem, Her treatment going on) My Age 32 .I am little smoking ( 4/5 Stick per day) Nothing els .Weight 58Kgs , High: 05 feet. For More best quality sperm what should i do? Waiting for your suggestions.


    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sumon Dey,
      Thank you for joining us.
      Number of spermatozoa within the norm.
      Mobility slightly decreased 25% (normal 32%).
      Consult with a uro-andrologyst to identify possible causes of decreased mobility and indicate treatment.

      Kind Regards,

  22. md.saifullah Reply

    Dear sir,
    My semen report volume 03ml,appearance- normal, PH-7.9
    total sperm concentration 20 million/ml,
    active motile 40%,Sluggishly motile 15%,Immotile 45%, normal morphology 40%, RBC Nill, Pus cells 6-8, Fat globules nil.

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear md.saifullah,

      The semen of your partner is ok, but we don´t have enough information about your case in order to give you an answer.

      We suggest you to visit an IVF consultant,

      Kind regards

  23. Gopi Reply

    Dear Doctor,

    Can you please confirm all the below values are in normal range.

    Volume : 3.0 ml
    Colour : Greyish White
    Reaction / pH : Alkaline (8.0)
    Viscocity : Viscid, Opaque
    Sperm Count. : 38 Millions/ml
    Total Sperm Number : 114 Millions/Ejaculate
    Agglutination : Absent

    Motility *
    a) Progressive Motility : 60%
    b) Non Progressive Motility : 20%
    c) Non motile : 20%

    a) Normal forms : 10%
    b) Abnormal forms Head defects : 20%, Neck defects : 20%, Tail defects : 20%, Excessive cytoplasm : 30%

    Other Findings**
    Pus Cells : 2-3/HPF 0 – 1/HPF
    Epithelial Cells : Nil 1 – 2/HPF
    RBC : Nil

  24. vijay Reply

    My analysis report reads as:
    Appearance : Whitish
    Volume : 3ml
    Viscosity : normal
    Sperm count: 40 mill/ ml
    Motile Spermatozoa : 35%
    progressive : 30%
    Non- progressive : 5%
    Immotile: 65%

    Normal Sperm : 7%
    Head defect: 38%
    Neck defect : 32%
    Tail defect: 20%
    Cytoplasmic droplet : 2%

    Round cell: 0-1 HPF
    Agglutination: –
    Debris : –
    PH: 7.4

    Kindly advise is it normal reading?

  25. Ripon Reply

    Dear,I am 35yrs old,found mild atherospermia last year.Please read my recent Semen Analysis report:1)volume :3ml 2)pH:7.2 3)motility:50% 4)morphology normal:50% 5)Agglutination :yes 6)epithelial cell:3-2/HPF 6)Pus cell:2-1/HPF

    I am married since five years,partner (32yrs)has got no problem.we are trying hard to get a baby.
    what about my report?can you please give me any suggestion how could I make my partner pregnant?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Ripon,

      Unfortunately, the report is incomplete for an assessment. The total sperm count and the percentages of the different types of sperm motility are not indicated.

      Kind regards

  26. Srilatha Reply

    Hi doctor can you confirm below results are in normal range:. Sperm conc: 70mill/ml normal forms 70% abnormal forms 30% and rapid progressive 40% and moderate 30% and slow progressive 30% and motility 40% and impression is normozoospermia .my husband diagnosed with bilateral varicocele his age is 30 please suggest whether report is normal

  27. Sudhansu patro Reply

    Volume : 1.0 ml
    Greyish white
    35 minutes
    pH 7.0
    Sperm count 71 millions/ml
    Sperm count per ejaculate 71 million
    Progressive motility 75%
    Rapid Forward Progression 60%
    Sluggish Forward Progression 30%
    Non Progressive 5%
    Non Motile 5%
    Sperm morphology :
    per 100 sperms
    Normal Sperms 95%
    Abnormal head 04%
    Abnormal neck 01%
    Abnormal Tail 00%
    WBC <1 million
    Epithelial Cells NIL
    RBC Nil
    Agglutination of sperms
    Granular Debris

    Am I okay to make my partner pregnant?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sir:

      Your spermogram shows normozoospermia, i.e. all values are above the so-called reference lower limit established by the WHO.
      Since the concept of fertility is clinical (in the realm of the couple) and non-analytical (single), and it is mainly proven by having children and not by having normal sperm analysis, your question Am I fertile? can’t be answered restrictively.
      Kind Regards,

  28. Tanish Reply

    I had a semen analysis and all parameters understood, but at the comment section it was written
    “Normozoospermia with the evidence of genital infection”
    Is it very serious issue

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Tanish,
      Presence of pus cells (leukocytes) > 1 million / ml. It is suspected seminal infection. Indicated make semen culture.

  29. Heratul Reply

    My Sperm Count: 22million/per ml
    Motility: 45% active, 15% feeble, 40% non motile
    Morphology: 55% Normal, 45% abnormal
    Comment: Normozoospermia with high morphological abnormality of sperm & infection….Please tell me the status and possible treatment for any problem if you see

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Heratul,
      Normozoospermia means that all parameters are within the normal range, therefore there is no indication for a treatment.
      Considering that semen could have physiological fluctuations, I would suggest you to repeat the seminogram in 4 weeks and in another laboratory.

  30. Mamun Reply

    My analysis is
    Liquidation 30 mins
    Volume 3.0
    Concentration 170 *10*6
    Motility 60%
    Rapid linear 20%
    Slow linear 30%
    Non progressive 10%
    Immotile 40%
    Morphology 50%
    Abnormal form
    A. Head 25%
    B. Neck 10%
    C. Tail 15%
    WBC 3-4/HPF
    Epithelial cell nil
    WBC nil
    Agglutination NO

  31. sheetal Reply

    my report is
    appearance=homogenous,grey opalescent.
    sperm count(concentraion)=34mil.
    sperm count/ejaculation=85mil.
    activ motile=10%.
    sluggy motile=25%
    non motile=65%
    non soecific=100
    normal forms=40
    abnormal forms=60
    pus cells=2-3/hpf
    epithelial cells=1-2hpf
    immature germ cells=0-1/hpf
    granual & globules=present

    it is a normal results or no….?

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sheetal:

      The seminogram’s result is not normal since there is a decrease in the active mobility that should be 32%.
      We recommend to repeat the seminogram after one month from the date of this one and if it is possible in another laboratory.

      Kind regards

  32. Jesca kipchumba Reply

    Dear sir,my husband results,appearance greyish white,viscosity droplets,volume0.1ml,liquefaction time35 mins,pH 8.0,sperm count 50 million,actively motile grade3 45,sluggish motile grade2 20,non progressive grade1 15,non motile grede0 20,normal form 80,abnormal form 20,head 05,neck 10,tail 05,pus cells 1-2/hpf,epithelial 1-2/hpf,redblood cells 0-1/hpf,agglutination nil,germinal cells,normozoospermia,comment nil,was asking if he’s able to pregnate in normal way or we have to go for artificial

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Jeska,

      It is possible but is unlikely due to the low seminal volume. An andrological study is necessary since some of these causes may be related to genetic abnormalities that can have repercussions on offspring.

      Kind regards

  33. saikrishna Reply

    Hello Dr. Marisa,

    Hope you are doing good…
    Today i got my Semen Analysis Report , can you please check and let me know if every thing is ok please…

    Volume : 1.0 ml
    Color : Greyiesh White
    Viscosity : Normal

    Reaction / PH : Alkaline
    Fructose (Qualitative) : Present

    Sperm Concentration : 18
    Total Sperm Count : 40

    Agglutination : Absent

    Progressive Motility : 30 %
    Non Progressive Motility : 30 %
    Non Motile : 40 %

    Normal forms : 20%
    Abnormal forms : 80%

    Pus Cells : 1-2/hpf
    Epithelial Cells : 0-1/hpf
    Spermatogenic Cells : 1-2/hpf
    RBC : 0-1/hpf

    Impression : NORMOZOOSPERMIA

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear saikrishna

      The volume is less than normal. In most cases it is due to low sexual stimulation and / or low duration of the same.
      The number of spermatozoa is at the minimum of what is considered normal.
      Progressive mobility is slightly lower than that considered normal (32%).
      WHO advises to conduct two separate seminograms 4 weeks between them.
      We suggest to repeat the seminogram

      Kind regards

  34. hello sir
    yesterday i got my semen analysis report
    that is: duration of abstinence :04 days ref: 2-7
    analysis interval :30 minit ref:not more then 60 minit
    liquefaction :30 ref: 30-60
    appearance ;hazy
    viscosity : normal
    volume :02ml
    total sperm concentration :80 m/ml
    %motility :55 % ref: not less then 50 %
    %normal morphology 60% ref : 30%
    pus cell 6-8 /hpf
    rbc 0-2 /hpf

  35. plz advice me what can i do now , how is situation now how time to need recovery
    is it possible to recovery 100%

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Sohel,

      Thank you for participating in the blog.

      The analysis shows a normal semen.

      Kind regards

      • sir

        this report sheet have a doctor comment : comment is normozoospermia with infection what is this comment about my report

  36. SHAKKAR Reply

    Dear sir
    My Test Report is,
    Volume :2cc
    Colour : whitish
    Viscocity : Viscous
    Reaction : Alkaline

    Count : 120 million/ml

    Morphology : 7o% are of normal morphology

    Motility :

    a. Actively motle : 70%
    b. Reduced motility : 10%
    c. Non motile. :20%

    pus cell. : Nill
    Epithelial cell :Nill
    Clumping of sperm : Absent

    Plese Tell Me The result Is Ok .& enough to make pregnent.

  37. Satya Reply

    Semen analysis-cont-20 millions/ml motility-occasionally,normal -10% please give me your opinion

    • Satya Reply

      My age 41 years

    • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

      Dear Satya,

      There is a severe decrease in mobility, consequently the chances of natural gestation are greatly diminished.
      Consult with an andrologist specialist.

      Kind regards

      • My report,
        Total count:30Million/ml
        Actively motile: 60%
        Feebly motile: 20%
        Non motile: 20%
        Abnormal sperms: 20%
        Pus cells:2-4/HPF
        Epith cells:1-2/HPF
        Germ cells: present
        RBC: NIL/HPF
        Clumps of sperm: Absent
        Comments: NORMOZOOSPERMIA.
        Am I okay to make my partner pregnant?

        • Dr. Marisa López-Teijón Reply

          Dear Al Mamun,

          In our experience if the sample was complete this spermiogram shows hipospermia, moderate oligozoospermia because the volume is quite low, less than 1,5 ML.


  38. Punith kumar K R Reply

    Volume: 2ml
    Appearence: Grey white
    Viscosity: increased
    Liquification time: Not liquified even after 2 hrs
    Ph: Alkaline
    Fructose test: positive
    Total sperm count: 82.0/ ejuculate millions/ml
    Rapid progression: 15
    Active : 35
    Sluggish : 20
    Non motile sperms: 15%
    Dead : 15
    Abnormal forms : 15-20
    Spetm concentration: 41.0 millions
    Pus cells : 0-1 / hpf
    RBCs : nil
    Epithelial cells : 0-1 /hpf
    Granules & globules : 15 -20 /hpf
    Immature cells : 5-6 /hpf
    In conclusion : Normazospermia
    RESULT DATE: 11/08/2017

    This is my report but my wife is not getting pregnant. Test is done for her also but she is also fertile. I want to know that in my report it shows Active: 35 is this ok and pls any problem in my report mention that pls

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